What is the Multicultural Greek Council (MGC)?

Founded in 2014, the Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) serves as the governing body for 27 culturally based Greek-lettered sororities and fraternities at Rutgers University. The MGC’s purpose is to inspire culture, trust, support, understanding, and friendship among its members, the Greek community, and the university.

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Virtual MGC 101: January 18th-22nd 

Organizations will be presenting short programs about their founding, history, mission, campus involvement, upcoming events and much more!  Programs begin 8pm on the 18th – 21st and begin at 6pm on the 22nd.  Watch this space for instructions on how to access each night of programming.

Divine 9: Jan 18
Alpha Phi Alpha, Delta Sigma Theta, Iota Phi Theta, Phi Beta Sigma and Zeta Phi Beta

Latinx: Jan 19
Chi Upsilon Sigma, Lambda Pi Chi, Lambda Sigma Upsilon, Lambda Theta Alpha, Lambda Theta Phi, Lambda Upsilon Lambda, Sigma Lambda Upsilon

East Asian: Jan 20
Alpha Kappa Delta Phi, Kappa Phi Lambda, Nu Alpha Phi, Sigma Psi Zeta

South Asian: Jan 21
Delta Epsilon Psi, Delta Kappa Delta, Delta Phi Omega, Delta Sigma Iota, Iota Nu Delta, Kappa Phi Gamma

Multicultural: Jan 22
Delta Lambda Phi, Lambda Tau Omega, Omega Phi Chi, Sigma Lambda Gamma

Virtual Meet the Greeks: February 1st-5th
The best thing you’ll see on Instagram!  Each chapter will post a short video of stepping, strolling, calls and all the things that best represent their organization. Be sure to follow us @mgc_rutgers.


“I was interested in being in an MGC organization because I really appreciated how small and close-knit the sorority was. I felt that I could grow and learn more about my own culture and roots by being around people with similar backgrounds. This has truly benefited me as a college student and young professional because we live in a cross-cultural world and it feels good to be knowledgeable about other people’s practices and way of life.”
– Ashley George

“When I first entered college I never thought that I would ever join a sorority. As I went out to more and more Greek events and met more people, it started to interest me. While going to this events I fell in love with be able to experience many different cultures other then my own because of the diversity among MGC. I chose to join Delta Phi Omega because I wanted to experience a culture other than my own. Not only this, but I developed unbreakable bonds with my sisters that started before I became a member. Before I joined I saw how successful and ambitious the sisters are which was another important decision making factor for me. Delta Phi Omega has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone, has given me opportunities to hold leadership positions, and many more amazing opportunities. That is why I decided to become a member of Delta Phi Omega Sorority, Inc.”
– Amanda Elkhatib

The MGC Executive Board

Chapter officers are encouraged to reach out to the MGC Executive Board with questions, concerns and programming ideas. Contact ofsa@echo.rutgers.edu for more information.

Recruitment Reminder

Registration for spring recruitment opened December 1. Spring recruitment ends Sunday, January 31.

Be sure to register so that chapters can include you on their distribution list of events. Our member organizations will be posting their virtual recruitment schedules in the coming weeks, so make sure you are following them on social media.

MGC kicks off recruitment with a week of virtual events beginning Monday, January 18th.  Check our site often as details will be finalized soon.