Rutgers University expects its student and Greek organizations to “uphold Rutgers University values by maintaining high standards of conduct.” The University Code of Student Conduct also outlines prohibited conduct for students and Greek organizations. Violations of these rules may result in disciplinary action for these registered organizations.

Sanctions shall be imposed when Greek organizations are found responsible for violating University policy. The purpose of sanctioning is to educate an organization as to why the behavior in question was inappropriate, as well as to impose consequences for the behavior in question.

Below is a list of Greek organizations, that have accepted or been found responsible for violating University rules.  Each organization has been placed on some form of formal disciplinary status. (Note:  Individual students’ records are protected by federal law and University policy.)


Fall 16 / Spring 17 Fraternity/Sorority Conduct Summary

Fall 17/Spring 18 Fraternity/Sorority Conduct Summary

Fall 18 / Spring 19 Fraternity/Sorority Conduct Summary

Fall 19 Fraternity/Sorority Conduct Summary