Professional Fraternity Council (PFC)

What is the Professional Fraternity Council (PFC)?

Founded in 2015, the Professional Fraternity Council consists of 11 organizations that promote common interests of community, scholarship, professionalism and service. The PFC shall increase the awareness of professional fraternal organizations on campus and create a spirit of fellowship among the Scarlet Knight Greek Community. Connect with us on Facebook!


“I chose to be a part of a professional fraternity because I wanted the opportunity to get better connected with the campus and other students, while also advancing myself academically and my future career. On top of being friends and having fun, my brothers have provided a social and academic support system for me. We all have the same majors, so it adds to our shared experience and makes college a time to handle together.”
– Kevin Liu

The PFC Executive Board

Chapter officer are encouraged to contact members of the Executive Board if they have questions, concerns or programming ideas.

For more information on the council, contact