Professional Fraternity Council (PFC)

What is the Professional Fraternity Council (PFC)?

Founded in 2015, the Professional Fraternity Council consists of 12 organizations that promote common interests of community, scholarship, professionalism and service. The PFC shall increase the awareness of professional fraternal organizations on campus and create a spirit of fellowship among the Scarlet Knight Greek Community. Connect with us on Instagram!

Why a Professional Fraternity/Sorority?

For some students in the the professional schools (Business, Engineering, Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy, Environmental & Biological Sciences,Nursing, etc.) or who plan on a career in business, economics, law or music, joining one of our PFC chapters just makes sense.  Members in PFC organizations understand the unique demands of your academic program, relationships with alumni/ae and membership in the national organization provides a more focused career network and educational events and community service are likely more aligned with your professional goals.  

Students in the professional schools or majors aren't limited to joining PFC organizations, in fact students from these programs can be found in ALL of our fraternities and sororities, so don't feel like you must limit your search.  Students are encouraged to explore chapters from all segments of our Greek community before joining so they make the best choice for themselves.

The PFC Executive Board

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