Annual Report

Fraternity & Sorority Affairs
Operational Standards Obligations – 2024 Annual Report

The Annual Report outlines a set of basic expectations that chapters are responsible for meeting each academic year. Throughout the year, chapters submit documentation that verifies completion of each expectation. Chapters must achieve 70% to be deemed Chapters in Good Standing.

The Report

The Annual Report covers chapter programming, accomplishments and events that occurred between July 1, 2023 and May 17, 2024 and is completed by chapter officers electronically via Canvas. Answers to questions may be provided via documentation such as meeting minutes, photos, printed programs, email messages, etc. and shows the breath and depth of the work done by the chapter members during the year.

Programming Categories

The report is comprised of eleven Programming Categories, each representing a critical area of chapter operations.  Each category has two sections.  Ranking Questions which are used to determine the chapter's Star Rank and Award Questions which determine the recipients of Programming Achievement Awards.  Awards questions are optional and have no impact on a chapter's Star Ranking.

  • Academic Achievement
  • Advisor Engagement
  • Brotherhood/Sisterhood Development
  • Chapter Management
  • Community Service & Philanthropy
  • Community Involvement (Greek & University)
  • Leadership Development
  • Membership Recruitment
  • New Member Education
  • Standards & Accountability
  • Risk Education

Evaluation & Scoring

Chapters that achieve a Good Standing Rating are deemed to have met the university’s minimum expectations for recognition. Chapters must achieve 70% of the points to earn the Good Standing status.  Failure to achieve 70% will result in a change in the chapter’s status

Star Rankings are based on points earned from the Ranking section of each Programming category. 

  • 95% - 100% of the total ranking points = Four Star Chapter
  • 85% - 94% of the total ranking points = Three Star Chapter
  • 76% - 84% of the total ranking points = Two Star Chapter
  • 70% - 75% of the total ranking points = One Star Chapter
  • 69% or less of the total ranking points = No Stars

Programming Achievement Awards are earned when a chapter scores 90% of the total available points in each specific programming category.