How to Join

How to Participate in the Intake/Recruitment Process

Complete Our Interest Form

Look for us at New & Transfer Student Orientation

Thinking about joining one of our organizations but don't know where to start?  Learn how recruitment works, steps you can take to be a strong candidate for membership and get all your questions answered

  • First Year Students are invited to stop by our Info Table during the evening social to speak to members of our community.  Stay for our info session at 9:30pm in the Reading Room
  • Transfer Students can attend one of our two Breakout Sessions during their Orientation at 3:55pm or 4:25pm in the Livingston Student Center

Check the Rutgers NB Summer Orientation app for schedule details or ask your Orientation Leader.

Become Academically Eligible

In order to join a fraternity or sorority, all students must register and meet the following minimum eligibility requirements:

  • Successfully complete at least twelve (12) credits at Rutgers University-New Brunswick or at any other accredited college, university or community college (including E credits, excluding AP credits).
  • Earn a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50
  • Be enrolled as a full-time, matriculated undergraduate student at Rutgers University-New Brunswick

Chapter Academic Standards: many of our chapters have a higher academic requirement than the one listed here.  Be sure to ask about individual fraternity or sorority academic expectations during your Intake or Recruitment experience.

Transfer Students: Students transferring to Rutgers from another two or four year institution are eligible to participate in fall Intake/Recruitment, as long as the student met the above requirements at their previous institution. NOTE: You are considered a Transfer Student for only one semester. Once you have completed your first semester at RU and earned an RU GPA, you are considered a continuing RU student.

Get Involved on Campus

Campus involvement is highly valued in our Greek community.  All students, especially new and Transfer students, are highly encouraged to become involved in some sort of campus club or organization BEFORE joining a fraternity or sorority.  Visit getINVOLVED to learn more about the 700+ Rutgers student organizations.

Learn About Our Chapters

We have 70+ chapters, but you can only join one! While you’re working on your GPA and getting involved on campus, you also need to get to know our chapters and start to narrow the field. Here are a few ways you can start to make your short list:

Register to Participate:

Registration for Fall 2022 Recruitment opens August 1.  Registration will remain open throughout the fall semester.  ALL interested students MUST register in order to participate in the Intake and/or Recruitment process.  Registration is free, simple and must be completed before you can be considered for membership.