Annual Report Outlines

Fraternity & Sorority Affairs
Operational Standards Obligations – 2021 Annual Report

The Annual Report outlines a set of basic expectations that chapters are responsible for meeting each academic year. Throughout the year, chapters submit documentation that verifies completion of each expectation. Chapters must achieve 80% to be deemed Chapters in Good Standing.

Chapters in Good Standing

Chapters that achieve a Good Standing rating are deemed to have met the university’s minimum expectations for recognition. Chapters must achieve 80% of the points to earn the Good Standing status.

General Instructions

  • Document only events that occurred between July 1, 2020 and May 17, 2021.
  • Chapters will complete the Annual Report on Canvas.
  • Verified by OFSA – the OFSA staff is responsible for verifying your chapter’s completion of these questions.
  • Submit here – the chapter is responsible for providing documentation to verify completion of these questions.
  • Supporting documentation should clearly show proof the chapter completed the question. Supporting documentation can come in many forms: meeting minutes, photos, printed programs, email messages, flyers, etc. Be creative, but not inventive.
  • Attendance – chapters are required to utilize getInvolved Event Pass to create and submit attendance lists.

Evaluation and Scoring

  • Each question is worth 5 points
  • Questions will be evaluated with full, half or no credit
  • Chapters that achieve 80% of the total points are deemed chapters in Good Standing
  • Failure to achieve 80% will result in a change in the chapter’s status
    • First year: AR Plan of Action
    • Second year: AR Probation
    • Third year: Evaluation of the chapter’s recognition status

Final Submission Dates (unless otherwise dates):

  • Fall semester – Monday, December 28, 2020
  • Spring semester – Monday, May 17, 2021

Annual Report Outline: Questions Documented by the Chapter

  1. The Chapter is in Good Standing with the national fraternity/sorority (fall/spring)
  2. The chapter annually distributes/reviews the following policies and procedures
  3. Chapter minutes are recorded properly and distributed in a timely manner. (fall/spring)
  4. The New Member program is conducted as outlined by the national fraternity/sorority.
  5. The chapter advisor attends (virtually or in-person) at least one executive board meeting and one chapter meeting per month (fall/spring).
  6. The chapter (50%) holds at least two Brother/Sisterhood events each semester (fall/spring)
  7. The chapter holds at least one (1) recruitment event in each full month of the academic year (September, October, November, February, March, April).
  8. The New Member (80%) class participates in the Dignity U program no later than the third (3rd) week of the New Member Program

Annual Report Outline: Questions Verified by OFSA

  1. The Total Chapter GPA is at or above a 2.50 (fall/spring)
  2. The New Member class GPA is at or above a 2.50 (fall/spring)
  3. Academic eligibility is verified before bids are issued to potential new members (fall/spring)
  4. The chapter’s dues/fees are posted to social media by the designated date.
  5. The Chapter President meets monthly with their OFSA Liaison.
  6. The Chapter President attends 80% of monthly Presidents Webinars
  7. The newly elected Chapter Presidents attends the OFSA Chapter Presidents Orientation
  8. The chapter advisor participates in the annual Advisors Academy.
  9. The chapter advisor attends at least 50% of monthly Advisor Webinars.
  10. The New Member class (100%) participates in the New Member Orientation program.
  11. Chapter members are Dance Marathon participants (CPT, Captains, RU4Kids, Champions).
  12. The chapter participates in four (4) virtual Greek Programming Board events (annually)
  13. The chapter does not appear on the Past Due List for more than three weeks each semester.
  14. The Chapter has not been found responsible for national/OFSA/University policy violations.